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Moon Gazing
Black Sky

A personal journey
through the Moon Cycles

Welcome to our Sacred Moon Circle!

These small, intimate gatherings happen every New Moon. Led by Elemental Astrologer Aimee Williams, our Sacred Moon Circles are not only educational, but also hold the space for personal and spiritual growth.

We begin our sacred time together discovering the unique energies of the 8 Moon Phases. We will explore these different attributes and understand how these influence our astrological birth charts.

The Moon in astrology represents our emotional side. It is how we share our hearts with our loved ones. We all have our own unique emotional expression ~ our astrological blueprint shows us how.

This lunation cycle begins with the Aries New Moon growing into the Libra Full Moon and back into the darkness of the next New Moon. While looking at our birth charts, Aimee will interpret how this lunation cycle will affect us individually. We will learn practical lifestyle advice to nourish our Hearts during this time.

This is a deeply personal interpretation of how this lunation cycle influences our individual lives. Attendance is key to gain the most insight out of this reading.

​Manifesting our dreams and aspirations is highly supported during the New Moon. Aimee will guide us in meditation that will assist us in tapping into our Inner Wisdom to understand what it is we truly desire to manifest during this lunation cycle.

We will dive deep together to access the answers we are currently seeking. With the Aries/Libra lunation cycle, we will be focusing on our Love Language ~ Self Love and Romantic Love. Whether you are partnered or not, working on your Love Language is a daily ritual. 

We will journey together into our Heartspace to understand how we can enhance the way in which we speak/think/feel about ourselves and others. This lunation cycle is the perfect time to attain these skills of holistically expressing our Love Language.

How do you speak to yourself? To others? Is it kind and heart-warming or harsh and detached? Let's explore this realm of ourselves in a community of grace and empathy.

Join our Sacred Moon Circle on Thursday, March 31st 7-9PM EST

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What's included:

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Astrologer Writing Natal Chart
  • Small, private group

  • Safe, sacred container to share your heart

  • Understanding the 8 Moon phases and how they influence our emotions

  • Learning about the Aries New Moon and Libra Full Moon energies

  • One-on-one interpretation of your own astrological birth chart around this lunation cycle

  • Practical lifestyle advice that will nurture and support your individual needs

  • Meditation to access your Inner Wisdom

  • Instructions on manifesting your dreams around our Love Language

  • Free ticket to the Full Moon Ritual led by Aimee

  • Discount at Mountain Sage Wellness Shop

Registration Details:

Registration closes on March 28th at 11:59PM

Personal Information:

We will need your Name, Pronouns, Birth Date, Birth Time, and Birth Location in order to be able to give you the one-on-one interpretation of how this lunation cycle will affect your personally. This information will be shielded from our private group and only Aimee will review it.


What if I don't know my Birth Time?

You can still join our Sacred Moon Circle, however, the interpretation of how this lunation cycle will influence you will be more generalized. You will still gain great insights into this energy for the month and how to manifest your dreams!


​How many people will be in this Circle?

We keep our Sacred Moon Circles to 8 in order to honor the vulnerability of sharing our hearts with one another. This is a safe, sacred container where we show respect and compassion to all.


Who is this Circle for?

Anyone who wants to connect with the divine nature of the Moon, tap into their Inner Wisdom for guidance, and learn how to work with the Moon's energies to manifest their dreams.


Will the Sacred Moon Circle be recorded?

Yes. You will be emailed the recording within 24 hours of our time together.


Do I need to show up to the live class or can I watch the recording?

We urge you to show up as this Circle is most impactful when we can interact together. We do understand that life happens and your individual chart interpretation will still be covered, however, being present will be the most influential.


​What is the Full Moon Ritual?

Included in your cost for the Sacred Moon Circle is a ticket for our Full Moon Ritual. This will take place on or near the Full Moon in this lunation cycle. Aimee will lead a Full Moon Ritual Ceremony that focuses on the energies of that particular Full Moon Energy. You are able to join in the live Ritual or watch the recording at your convenience. 

Aimee Williams, CCA

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Black Sky

Aimee Williams is an Elemental Astrologer, Clinical Aromatherapist and Community Herbalist. She has been participating in and facilitating sacred circles for over 20 years.

Aimee brings her background in Art Therapy and Plant Medicines into her teachings of astrology.

Holding sacred space and leading rituals is something Aimee is passionate about in life and enjoys sharing this cherished time with her community.

Come learn and revel in this beautiful shared space with Aimee from the comfort of your own home.

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