Heart Comfort Balm

Heart Comfort Balm


This handcrafted balm is formulated to help you process and heal the wounds of your emotional heart. Using handcrafted herbal-infused oils with a comforting aromatic synergy makes this balm gentle yet powerful in healing our heartache. Whether you are grieving, overwhelmed, sorrowful, or heartbroken, our Heart Comfort Balm will support your heart as it heals and opens to new hope and harmony.


We highly recommend using this balm while drinking a cup of our Hope Herbal Tea for optimal emotional heart health.


Plus it is very nourishing for your skin's health too! We handcraft all of our herbal-infused oils, which invites herbal allies into our heart comforting aromatic synergy. We lovingly shake our herbal-infused oils for 6 weeks to ensure the organic carrier oils and herbs blend together beautifully! Rose petal-infused rosehip seed oil, elder flower-infused jojoba oil, and lavender flower-infused olive oil are the handcrafted herbal-infused oils used to make our heart-opening balm!

  • 1oz screw top tin

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