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The Mountain Sage Family

Mountain Sage Wellness Shop is family-owned & operated! Founded by Community Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist & Elemental Astrologer Aimee Williams, Mountain Sage was created out a love for natural healing remedies.

Aimee & Jeff and their three daughters all have a role in the success of Mountain Sage. No matter how big or small, each role is an important part of Mountain Sage Wellness Shop!

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Mountain Sage Wellness Shop

Mountain Sage Wellness Shop began as a brick & mortar shop in downtown Hendersonville, NC in January 2020. What a year to open a shop! Through all of the ups and downs of 2020, we discovered that our offerings of locally-made folk remedies and medicine-making supplies (herbs, essential oils, etc.) are highly important to the health of our community, especially at this time. Providing organically-grown and wild-harvested plant medicines so that others may enhance their quality of life is one of Mountain Sage's missions!

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Blue Ridge Mountains

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Fairview, NC, Mountain Sage Wellness Shop's Studio is located on the family's mountain property.


Mountain Sage Wellness Shop is only online, your order will be shipped right to you door!


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Aimee Williams, CCA

Aimee began learning about plant medicine when she was 18 years old, nearly 3 decades ago. She has raised her children on herbal tinctures, teas, aromatics, homeopathy, flower essences, and other natural medicines. She is trained as a Clinical Aromatherapist, Community Herbalist, and Elemental Astrologer and is always enrolled in classes to expand upon her knowledge. Aimee also has a BA in Art Therapy and has taken numerous courses in emotional health.

Aimee has had a private consultation practice for many years. She incorporates aromatherapy, herbalism, and astrology to give you a comprehensive consultation. If you are in need of a personalized wellness consultation, please check out our Consultations

Aimee is a Proud Member:

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