Health & Wellness Consultation

Personalized one on one consultation with Aimee Williams, CCA
to help enhance your health & well-being.

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Herbs are a great addition to your wellness goals as they can address both internal and external physical ailments, as well as emotional, mental & spiritual issues. Find your homeostasis!


Aromatics have a profound effect on our mind and spirit. They also are important aspects in topical remedies for the physical body. These powerful little drops can support our physical & emotional bodies.

Elemental Astrology

Elemental Astrology looks at the planetary and zodiacal influences of our natal (birth) chart to see what astrological elements may be depleted and which may be excessive to help bring you back into balance.

Aimee Williams, CCA

Community Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist, & Elemental Astrologer Aimee Williams has been working in the holistic health field for over two decades. She brings her love of plant medicines and astrology together to offer you a personalized wellness consultation. 

Depending on your individual requirements, Aimee will formulate herbal and/or aromatic remedies that are designed for your specific needs. Your consultation begins with filling out our Health & Wellness Intake Form.  Your birth time & place are needed for an Elemental Astrology reading, which looks at your Astrological Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) to see which ones my be depleted or excessive. If you do not know this information, Aimee can still offer you a thorough health and wellness consultation.

Once you complete your Health & Wellness Intake Form, you and Aimee will meet via online conferencing at your scheduled time. Here you will discuss your current health status, your wellness goals, and your astrological influences. You will go over an action plan to help bring your health & well-being back into balance. Online consultations typically last 60-90 minutes. 

$150 includes intake, consultation, and customized remedy

*Please note that Aimee Williams is NOT a medical doctor. She will not diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases.