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Hello Dear Ones!

I am so thankful you are here! Let me introduce myself...

I was fortunate to have been blessed with a vast curiosity. And over the past 20+ years, I have spent many hours learning as much as I could about astrology, aromatics, herbs, various forms of energy work, and emotional healing techniques. All of this learning was framed from a deep spiritual practice that carried me through my own journey to my Soul's Promise.

During this time of discovery, there were moments where my Soul was weighed down by emotional heaviness. When I would bear the burden of sadness or feel stagnant in my life, it was hard to transcend those spaces. Through my understanding of my own astrological blueprint and with the use of plant medicines, I was able to find my way back to joy. My Soul's Promise in this life is to help others who, like most of us, are in a place of struggling.

I would be honored and humbled to help guide you in re-discovering your innate talents, to help you process the areas where you may need extra attention, healing, and love, and how to reawaken, reconnect and restore your Soul's Promise.​

I am happy to barter my services as well. Please reach out if you would like to offer a trade of goods or services.

With Gratitude and Love,

Aimee @ Mountain Sage

A Bit About Me

I am a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, Community Herbalist and Elemental Astrologer. I can help you recognize and understand your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual gifts and challenges by teaching you about your natal (birth) chart. You will uncover how your brain works, where you shine, what parts of yourself need some extra love and attention, and how to address the adversity you may come up against in this lifetime.

I stand on a foundation of over 20 years of experience working with the benefits of herbs and aromatics and other natural healing modalities. I can appreciate the healing that comes from incorporating plant medicines with astrological insights.

Through herbal & aromatic nourishment, I can provide expert lifestyle advice that will support and enhance your journey towards your Soul's Promise.

My Advanced Trainings

BA in Art Therapy

Clinical Aromatherapy

Community Herbalism

Applied/Traditional/Evolutionary Astrology

Medical Astrology

Trauma Recovery Trainings

Energy Healing Trainings

Mars Hill University

More than 700 hours of training 

Schools: Aromatic Studies, Aromatic Wisdom Institute, Aromagnosis

More than 500 hours of training

Schools: Herbal Academy, School of Evolutionary Herbalism, Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism

Schools: Debra Silverman Astrology Level 3, Cosmic Academy of Astrology with Heather Eland, Kelly Surtees, Steven Forrest

Schools: Academy for Astrological Medicine with Judith Hill, Astrology of Health with Kira Sutherland, Medical Astrology @ School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Schools: National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavior Medicine, Postpartum Support International, Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises, Embodied Philosophy

Schools: Academy for Healing Arts, TAOMCHI: The Association of Melody Crystal Healers International, North Carolina Reiki Training Center

My Natal Chart

Here is a brief insight into my own Soul's Promise


Sun: Libra ~ AIR: I have an innate desire for harmony in my relationships, however, I can put too much attention on other people's well-being and neglect my own. I can also be a bit chatty :)

Moon: Sagittarius ~ FIRE: I share my heart with others through Truth and spiritual exploration. While I have an enthusiastic nature, I can also be guarded of my emotions and am rather opinionated. Just ask me! 

Ascendent: Aquarius ~ AIR: I tend to travel my own path & look towards the future. I can recharge my energy when I am able to step away from the busyness of the world and do my own thing. I am here to show you to how to do things differently and not follow the status quo.

With my Venus, Mars, Sun, and Uranus in Libra  ~ I have a lovely Libra Stellium in the 9th House of Higher Learning and Spirituality. This means that my core energy, my active energy, my values, and my outside-the-box worldview are centered around relationships that expand my horizons. A sense of connection is extremely important to me.

With my Moon, Neptune & North Node conjunct my Midheaven (career goals) in Sagittarius (higher learning) in the 11th House (community dynamics), I am here to share the Big Picture with others. These placements allow me to step into my role as the Practitioner/Mentor with my whole heart.

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