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Our small batch botanical products are made in-house as well as by local herbalists and aromatherapist. Our beautifully crafted products renew, invigorate and restore our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

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Elemental Astrology

Astrology offers us an avenue to re-discover the innate gifts we were born with. It shows us parts of ourselves we may have forgotten. Gain access to insights that are found in the stars!

Aimee Williams | Herbalist | Aromatherapist | Astrologer | Asheville

Aimee @ Mountain Sage

Clinical Aromatherapist, Community Herbalist and Elemental Astrologer Aimee Williams is the Master Formulator & Teacher at Mountain Sage. Helping you re-discover your natural talents is her purpose in life!

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Virtual DYI classes that you can enjoy at your own pace taught by Aimee Williams. Fun, informative and packed full of tips and tricks, these classes are educational and entertaining.

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